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Here at Radiant GLOW Esthetics I use only the best products that you will see results with not only in the treatment room but also for you to take home. I  feature a couple different professional skincare lines in your treatments and offer home care that will provide not only results but a complete experience. The feel of the products mixed with the aromas, the luxurious packaging and changes in your skin makes your entire skincare routine something you will look forward to every single day. During our consultation and treatment time together I will recommend a very carefully curated home care routine that suits you, your time & your budget. Get started today for healthier glowing skin. Contact me for your professional skincare product recommendations.

Here are a few of the brands I feature in your treatments as well as home care:

Sorella Apothecary is a botanically based skincare line that not only makes your skin GLOW but also has the most luxurious and beautiful packaging. The aromas provide an experience that is unmatched all while providing results. These products are packed with potent active ingredients to provide you with the results you are looking for. This is the primary retail/home care line I carry as well as the primary line that is used in my treatment room. They are local here to Nevada and are based out of Reno. Upgrade your skincare game and give them a try, feel the difference this professional line can make for yourself. Contact me for purchasing options.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 9.47.47 PM.png

Osmosis has a unique holistic approach to skincare. They believe in analyzing the skin and body as a whole to best target your skin concerns. They have patented ingredients in their products that I use in your professional treatments that have been proven in clinical trials to permanently change the skin. RevitaPen treatments harness this technology and will be an amazing add on to any treatment I offer. I also will soon be stocking a few of my favorite products for home care from them to compliment your Sorella regimens. 

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