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Package deals on RevitaPen treatments, chemical peels, Oxygen RX treatments corrective treatments


*Packages are a great way to save a little money by ensuring you are getting the correct number of treatments you will need to see the results that you are looking for. The services here are best done in a series. This option allows you to prepay for the sessions so when you come in there is nothing else to worry about except relaxing and reaping the benefits of your treatments. 

Package prices are as follows:

treatments/ 6 treatments

GLOW Getter Advanced Chemical Exfoliation

$270/ $520

RevitaPen Pro Facial Infusion

$420/ $780

Chocolate and Champagne Facial- Oxygen RX

*EXCELLENT choice for acne treatments 

$345/ $660

LED Therapy

$80/ $150

Procell Microchanneling

$760/ $1350

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